Frisk Jewelry was founded in 2004 in Boulder, Colorado, by mother-and-two daughter team Donna, Jessica and Amanda Rubino. Donna passed an adoration of vintage, one-of-a kind jewelry to her daughters, and the three launched Frisk Jewelry based on the notion that vintage could be reconstructed into modern, wearable pieces for the stylish woman. Frisk Jewelry has appeared in numerous publications since 2004, including Seventeen, The New York Post, Health, Fit Pregnancy, Teen Vogue, Domino, Real Simple and on celebrities like Nicole Richie and on CosmoGirl! Covergirl Mila Kunis. The Rubinos find inspiration across the globe and in a multitude of forms - through family travels, an old movie, a piece of art and, of course, the jewelry itself. “When designing a piece, whether it is a necklace, bracelet or earrings, we find inspiration in one element - a charm, brooch or a strand of pearls,” Donna says. “It will often remind us of something from our past: a friend or loved one, a TV show, movie or song. We use that inspiration to guide us through the rest of the design.”