Meredith Frederick

Meredith Frederick is a native New Yorker. Schooled in the fine arts and always having the need to create, Meredith began her career working with the finest pastry chefs in Europe and New York, appearing in many magazines and on television and radio. Still restless with the need to create, she learned an ancient beading technique practiced for centuries. Enhanced with her unique formulation using silver, gold and a variety of exotic gemstone beads, her creations have a special grace because of their link with the past.

One never quite realizes that Meredith Frederick bracelets are on the wrist. Wear them in combinations of two or more so the variety of tones and textures will make a particularly felicitous effect. Each bracelet is entirely hand made, and every piece is a little different and unique. They truly have a life of their own.
Meredith Frederick Graham Bracelet
A masterful mix of gold beads strewn together in a circular pattern makes this Meredith Frederick Graham bracelet one that you will not want to pass up. Countless miniature 14 karat gold beads make this bracelet a simple and timeless piece that you will be wearing for years if not decades. 14 Karat gold 2 - 2 1/4 Inch diameter 1/4 - 3/8 Inch top width Rolls on Wrist (diameter is slightly expandable)
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