Stella Valle

Designers Ashley and Paige Dellavalle knew their experience as West Point military cadets and U.S. Army Officers didn't make them the most obvious choices as chic arbiters of style, but a wardrobe of drab, camouflage fatigues made them crave the colorful looks from the pages of Vogue. Founded in 2010, Stella Valle reflects the designers’' pursuit to live out their lifelong aspirations in fashion and design despite their unique past.

Stella Valle encourages expression of one’s own aspirations through its collection of customizable accessories. Each piece is perforated so individual charms can be attached, creating a one-of-a-kind accessory that flaunts a girl's love, passion, experience, and style. Like the designers themselves, Stella Valle brings to life a wicked mélange of edge and elegance all at once -- embracing a juxtaposition that connotes an unapologetic, liberated sense of one's own style.
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