Trendy Jewelry

Roberto Cavalli | Gold-plated Swarovski crystal cuff-style tiger earrings

There is, as we all know, a distinct difference between runway style and real life style, what is being shown for fall, the styles the editors, bloggers, and reporters are ogling over, and how it will then be adapted or translated to wearable style, come autumn, or the next season. For now, however, Spring/ Summer 2013, we are seeing a lot of blue/mint color in jewelry, a lot of Kimberly McDonald'esque semi precious and precious stones surrounded by diamonds, hot rocks, or rough hewn stones and/or druzy on leather or on chains as well as their oversized ring companions. And on the more classic side, the roll on beaded bracelets a la Meredith Frederick in silver and gold, hoop earrings, and chain links everywhere, and again, the traditional panther and bold gold bangles in the usual animal shapes. You might be able to read between the lines and sense that Im not a big fan of traditional jewelry.

What we're loving now at Sadee Says which sets our trendy jewelry site apart, are our designers more innovative and artistic designs and aesthetic,...the California Hot Rocks, cool rough hewn cut or sliced natural stones mixed with diamonds and leather, and some of our new mint colored spring pastel light weight jewelry and roll on bracelets. We are promoting the ear cuffs that we adore so, from Europe and hoping they catch on here, as they are a breath of fresh air and something different in earrings. We have also noticed the sudden emergence of safety pin jewelry that seemed to come out of nowhere except to see it as a prelude for what we think will be the next big thing for fall in trendy jewelry, as dictated by the style setter Vogue editor herself, Anna Wintour by proclaiming at her annual met gala ball, that punk is now chic, glamorous and should be embraced by the luxury market and celebs and fashionistas alike. Where as punk used to be reserved for a select few more authentic rebels, it is now making its way onto the runways and being shown made in real jewelry, which is sort of a paradox in and of itself, and Im sure will send fans of grunge running in the opposite direction in order to discover something else to call their own.

Emma Watson @ Cannes Film Festival!

Summing up trendy jewelry for sadee says here and now, we're looking for the return of byzantine jewelry, trendy ear cuffs in faux and diamond, spike and nail earrings, (as in they go right thru the ear kind, like a dart), serpentine trendy jewelry, punk and grunge jewelry like skulls and animal carcases, some even done up in diamonds and gold, expensive but fun looking punky jewels to be combined and worn with haute couture and ball gowns in an as now, unforeseen way, to be embraced and coveted by the fashion elite. Maybe its the coming of age of the next generation that now has come into their own and are taking their punk aesthetic with them, adapting it to their more monied lifestyles today?

Here are a few trendy designs we are showing presently and at sadee says, and some that are coming up as well, that we believe will trickle down from the auspicious runways of Paris and Milan to the street style of NYC and London, asia, and the rest of the now globelly fashionable world!